Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Zeke

Zeke LOVES his baths! We have given him one every day that we have had him. He splashes like this every time.

Here is the Birthday boy!

Here we are at McDonald's for his birthday party. He had his first taste of chicken nuggets and fries ( we are assuming ). He wasn't happy when he was done. He didn't like the cupcake very much, he just wanted more nuggets.

He loves his book. He hasn't put it down, except when he threw it at Joshua's face!! We are still laughing at that one.
Today has been a good day. We stayed in except for going to McDonald's. The boys are just crazy about him. Today he seems to be even more comfortable with us because he is letting his personality show more. He smiles all the time. Well, most of the time. He has shown us his temper today. When I tried to help him eat his cupcake he got mad at me because he wanted to do it himself. He also signed the word "more"! We are going to teach him some sign language to help him communicate and we started with "more". Now that he has that I think we will teach him the word "please".
Tonight we are going to be packing and visiting with some friends that are arriving in Taipei tonight. They are related to friends at our church and are in Taipei for the weekend. It will be nice to visit with some people who speak English!
Please pray for all of us as we are very tired and some of us aren't feeling that great. We are so excited to get home and back into our normal routine.
Tomorrow we will take Zeke to his check up at the hospital, meet his biological family, see the orphanage and then head to San Francisco. We will stay over night in San Francisco and leave to come home early Friday morning. We can't wait to introduce our new little one to each and every one of you.
Love to you all!


  1. Happy Birthday Zeke!!!

    Praying for you guys!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Dear Sweet Zeke,
    Happy Birthday, little guy! I can't wait to meet you. In case you haven't figured this out already, you now have some of the best parents and brothers ever! You will be so very loved by all of them. And there are so many people who are waiting to love on you as well! Hope your 2nd birthday with your FAMILY is wonderful.

    Much loves...

  3. So glad he is having a great birthday! See you soon! If you have time email me - I have a question :0)

  4. It's quite a shame the boys aren't excited. All this excitement is causing me not able to work or concentrate - I have to check back every hour to so to be sure I didn't miss something else. Guess it's a good thing my boss is out of town. :) Praying for a safe flight home and for you all to feel GREAT!!!