Friday, June 22, 2012

Thanks Vacation Bible School Workers!

Every June our church is buzzing with Vacation Bible School. 5 days, 3 hours per day, hundreds of kids having a great time! This week I walked around and tried to thank as many of the 100+ volunteers that I could. It is such a blessing to have this ministry to children, but I know that it can't take place without the selfless volunteering of our volunteers.
So, here's a message to all of our volunteers. "THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR ETERNITY!"
You weren't JUST a class helper, teacher, snack helper, craft helper, music person, etc., you were an expression of God to the hundreds of kids who you impacted. We will never know the eternal impact of your efforts until we get to heaven. Thank You!
Pray with me for the children who were here. Especially the children who do not have parents who follow Christ. May they pursue Christ and help their families to find the way into the TRUTH!
Thanks again,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Created to Remind!

I just got back from Table Rock Lake with my family. We had a great time relaxing and hanging out with my outlaws. Every summer we go down to Jennifer's dads timeshare to hang out. This past week I was blown away (again) by God's creation! I still don't understand how people can believe that all of creation just happened. The perfect order of the universe didn't happen by chance. It happened through an all-powerful God who loves His creation. The creation story says He is most pleased with His creation of us. Now as His creation we are to give Him glory and reflect His love to this world. Just as His creation of nature reminds me of Him, so we are to remind the world of Him and His love. How are we doing?
Created by Him,

Friday, June 1, 2012

88? Are you serious?

I had an interesting call this week. It was from a friend of mine who is in her eighties. She goes to a church that I use to work at. She called me with a request. She asked me if I would be willing to baptize her friend. She was very enthusiastic about the events that had transpired and was eager to share them with me.
My friend has been a widow for many years. Her deceased husband use to work at a company with two guys that he was very close to. My friend told me that the Lord had been putting those two gentlemen on her heart and she had to find out where they were spiritually.
She tracked one down in Texas and found out that him and his wife had become Christians and were living a life of faith.
She tracked the other one down to a small town south of Wichita. Over several conversations she asked him if he had ever received the gift of salvation that Jesus offered. He said "No," and she went to work. She told him about the cross and that being the only way to be saved. He is eager to turn his life over to Christ, and will be getting baptized on Saturday.
Craziest thing about the story . . . he is 88 years old!
How cool is that! A widow in her eighties still sharing her faith like God asked her to!
May we all take lessons from my friend and share with those outside of Christ, before it's too late!