Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here we are in our hotel leaving to go get him as a family of five.

Here we are leaving the hospital and heading back to the hotel as a family of six!

Here is Zeke after having a bath. He loved his bath!!

I have had these jammies for months just waiting for the day I could put him in them. They fit him perfect. He was sooo sleepy.

He snuggled right up to me and fell fast asleep. What a joy!

We all can't quit looking at him.

Well, today was the day! We got to bring Zeke home!! Our home is the hotel right now but it sounds so much better saying we got to bring him home. It all feels so perfect. He is amazing and the boys absolutely love him. The doctor released him this morning but we do have to go back for a follow up visit Thursday morning before we leave. When we got to the hospital there were three women from the orphanage there so we got to meet a couple more of Zeke caregivers today. We are so thankful for them and how much they have cared for and loved on Zeke. They said he is such a good and easy baby. Once we left the hospital Zeke sat on my lap in the car and we snuggled. Have I mentioned how wonderful he is??? We got back to the hotel and gave him a bath. He didn't like going in the big tub so we did it in the sink. He was hysterical! He soaked us all because he kept slapping the water. He LOVED it! We got him all lotioned up smelling like all my other babies did. We put him in some cute jammies and now he is fast alseep. I could tell he was getting tired so I picked him up and he layed down on me. He was asleep in no more than a minute.

This day has been all we thought it would be. God is good!!



  1. He looks like he is totally happy to be with you guys! I just can't wait to see him (I know I keep saying that)!!!! Love you!

  2. Girl, I am totally crying right now! Tears of joy are flowing freely!! And I just told Tanner "They got to bring Zeke home!" and she cheered with me as well! What a wonderful, wonderful day! So glad our God hears our prayers!

    Congrats to everyone!!

  3. OMG! Tears as I read all of this blog! God is sooo amazing! Zeke is adorable! And he fits right in. The love is so evident in these pics! Can't wait to meet him and see you all. May the blessings continue!
    Love you all!

  4. Wow. God meant for you to be together as a family, that's all I know! Praying for his continued recovery--I have to ask, did they give you antibiotics to continue giving him this week? Usually it requires 10-14 days of antibiotics to clear up a strep infection of any kind. (Sorry, can't keep the "nosey nurse" side quiet.)

  5. We are so happy for you! We are loving to read your blog everyday! Can't wait to meet him when you all get back!!!!!

    The Richards