Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st Week in the States

Grandpa and Grandma Isaacs With some new cousins Alaina and Christian Grandpa Bud and the Zekemeister
Aunt Janet snuggling with Zeke. Aunt Chris helping Zeke in his favorite activity.

With Aunt Stacia and Hayden
Uncle Tim

Here is Zeke with his friend Chloe. Chloe and Zeke were in the same toddler group at the orphanage in Taiwan. Chloe lives in Topeka with her forever family-the Cogswells.
Here are the Isaacs and the Cogswells (minus R.D.) and the 2 special kiddos from Taiwan.

Well, Zeke got to meet many family members and many friends in his first 6 days back in the States! He is doing very well. Had his first doctors appointment and it went well. She wants him to see a pediactric lung specialist to really see how his lungs are.

He is very close with Jennifer, always looking to see if she is around. He loves his brothers as well!

He caught a fever a couple of days ago, maybe from exhaustion, or too many people around, but he is doing really well.

Everyone seems to be getting back on track with sleep schedules, so that's working out well.

Here's one more picture that has to be posted.

P.S. I think we will keep him ;)

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