Friday, June 11, 2010

We are finally here!

It is Saturday morning here in Taipei and we are finally settled in our room! We weren't sure when we would get here since we missed our connecting flight on Thursday. China Airline told us that they were completely booked for months and it looked very grim that we would get on with going stand-by. The boys all have journals they are using and Eli wrote in his yesterday, "What I think is gaunau (gonna) happen today is God is gaunau make us get on the plain and get to see Zeke!". Jeff and I were both nervous we wouldn't get on but Eli sure knew God had it covered!
Our trip has not gone exactly how we thought it would so far but it has been such a wonderful bonding time for our family already and we haven't even gotten to the best part yet.
Jeff is downstairs now calling Penny. She is our contact at the orphanage and will let us know when we can go see Zeke. He is still in the hospital so we are just waiting to hear if we c.....hold on the phone is ringing.......
It was Jeff and he said that Zeke is doing better and they think he will be discharged on Monday. That is much better than we thought! Oh, I am so excited. Penny is going to come to get us sometime after 2pm and take us to the hospital to see him. It is 8:23am here so I will close for now so we can get some sleep. We will post more after we get back from seeing our new son!!!


  1. SO excited that you made it!
    I love the faith of a child - just when ours is hanging on by a string, their's gets wings and SOARS!
    Praying for you sweet baby boy's recovery...
    (Emil and Ralene's daughter)

  2. So glad that Zeke is better and that you guys made it safely!

    Still praying for you all!

    You are loved!

  3. Looks like labor pains are beginning :0)