Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here the boys are by the gorillas. They are soaking wet, it rained on us the whole time.
The boys thought it was so cool the way the elephants blended right in with the rocks!

We went on the gondola to get to the Zoo. It was fun but a little scary. Everything is so green here. Trees everywhere!

Today we got to spend a couple of hours with Ezekiel. This time we were able to feed him and I changed one of his diapers. It was just a little more personal. He really snuggled in on my lap. The boys are totally taken by him. They didn't take their eyes off of him the whole time we were there. We are supposed to go back in the morning at 9am and meet with the doctor. We are hoping they release him and we can bring him back to the hotel with us.
After we left the hospital we took the boys to the Taipei Zoo. It rained on us the whole time but we didn't care. We had fun anyway! We are back in our room now, just relaxing. It has been an amazing trip.
Can't wait until tomorrow!!


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  1. Truly the trip of a lifetime for all of you. Wow. Still praying that Ezekiel continues to improve healthwise. He is sooooo stinkin' cute! (Fits right in!)