Thursday, June 10, 2010

what a day

Okay, so the day wasn't what we expected but we made the most of it.Got a couple hours of sleep then got a call on Ezekiel. He has strep pneumonia. Went in the hospital on tuesday, will not be released until next tuesday after a week of antibiotics. Poor kid.
I went back to the airport, jen and the boys got a few more winks. Nobody at China Airlines seems to care that we were delayed by United. Sad thing is United doesn't care and isn't doing anything to help. We have been told we can try stand by tonight but the chances are slim that we will get on. Chi Air called and said they could get us on for another $450 per person. We will see what happens tonight.
Rented a car, went to In-N-Out burger, Golden GAte Bridge, Aquarium by the Bay and Fishermans Wharf. Now we are in a mall parking lot letting couple of boys sleep.
We will see what happens at 1:30 this morn in san fran, 3:30 back home. Thanks for the prayers, keep praying for little Ezekiel!

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