Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

Well it is 4:25 am cst and we are in a hotel shuttle in san fran. Our flight from Denver to san fran was 2 hours and 15 minutes late and they wouldn't let us get on! They had closed down the security checkpoint anyway so we couldn't get through.
Joshua had tears (dad was close) and mom was very calm reminding me little eyes were watching and so were big eyes (Gods).they said they had our bags locked away and they would put them on the international flight tomorrow night.
I asked for patience and even had friends praying for it...well looks like we've been given the opportunity to have it!
When life gives you lemons...


  1. Total bummer!
    I'm proud of you for not having any tears, though. :)
    Think of it this way... you have part of today to spend as a family in a new city! Maybe you guys can pop over to the Golden Gate Bridge or something!
    Praying for peace and strength in the coming days. Our God is faithful, greater, stronger, and higher than any other! He's got everything under control!
    Try to relax a bit today and have some fun!
    You guys are loved and being prayed for more than you know! :)

  2. Andrea is so correct......Hang in there, be tough (like you are) and all will work out!

    Easier said then done huh???hehe How lucky you are to have such a wonderful peaceful wife. Hugs to you all and don't forget how many are praying for you all back here in lil ole Wichita. :0) God Bless and be safe.