Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time with Dad

Today is Wednesday. My son Caleb, is out of school today. (He is actually typing this blog :) ) He asked me if he could come to work with me today. We played a quick game of basketball, in which he beat me 20-13. I was thinking how great it was that he wanted to spend time with me on his free day. I love it that he chose to spend time with me over doing things at home this afternoon.

That got me thinking about spending time with my Heavenly Father. Do I bring joyto him by choosing to spend time with him daily? He should be my first priority every day.

Do we love our heavenly father? If so, we should make sure he knows by spending time with him every day. Jesus went out while it was still early to spend time with His Daddy! If Jesus did it, and encouraged us to do it...I think we should! I guarantee we will be glad we spent time with Dad!


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