Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bragging on my 3rd born!

As a parent it's okay to brag on your kids a little bit, as long as it brings God glory!
I went to my 3rd grade son's awards ceremony today and was very proud of his academic achievements in reading and math. He got awards in both categories. . . BUT I was most proud of him for the class award that he received. The school does Character Counts awards in each class. The awards are voted on by the class. Eli got the "Fairness Award" for his class. I have thought about those awards today, as a follower of Christ, and I am most proud of the Character award. It is the award that is about caring for others above himself. (I am proud of the achievements in reading and math as well, but not in the same way!)

Congratulations Eli! Your earthly father is proud of you, BUT more importantly your Heavenly Father is proud of you!

Character Does Count!

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